GedaWeb specialises in the design and hosting of websites for Artists and Photographers.

Having worked with Artists for many years we have identified a number of common problems with many artists’ websites and have developed GedaWeb to address those problems.

The Problems

The Slow Picture Gallery

The picture gallery is a key component of any artist or photographer website and many sites suffer from slow load times. The main cause of this problem is that the picture images used are far too large, not necessarily physically on the screen but in terms of file size. This results in slow page load times as the images need to be downloaded to the viewers browser before being scaled for viewing. Digital cameras are great at photographing an artist’s work but the resultant images are far too large for use on a website. The Gallery developed by GedaWeb makes maintaining a picture gallery very simple and automatically scales pictures to the correct size and quality for website display.

Amateurish or out-of-date

The other common problem is that websites either look amateurish, because the artist has set up the website probably using some sort of template driven website, or the website has been professionally designed initially but has not been kept up-to-date because of the high cost of professional services. To address this GedaWeb has been developed using WordPress. WordPress is probably best known as the software behind many blogging sites but it is also a complete CMS, Content Management System, which allows a non-technical author to easily maintain a website’s content.

The GedaWeb Solution

The combination of initial professional design plus the ability for the artist or photographer to maintain the website using WordPress and GedaWeb’s Gallery maintenance software is the best of both worlds. We work with you to develop a website personally designed to your own requirements. We also provide and manage ongoing hosting of your website from as little as £1.99 per month.

The cost of initial development very much depends on your requirements. The clearer your ideas the less it is likely to cost. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and for an extremely competitive quote.