In addition to providing design services, GedaWeb also provides hosting for the developed website through their hosting service, GedaHost. The standard charge for this is £1.99 per month, paid annually in advance from when the website goes live. There are no space or other capacity constraints on the website and any number of email addresses can be provided on request. All website maintenance can be achieved through the WordPress administration avoiding the need to become familiar with the technicalities of hosting a website.

GedaWeb will set up the website in advance to allow the user to prepare the site prior to going live. This means that there will be no disruption to a users existing website until the point of switch over.

For new website owners the only task they need carry out is to register a domain name. We ask users to do this themselves as it is very important that they retain ownership of their own domain. Registration is a straight forward process and we will be happy to advise on the steps required.