The Gallery

A picture gallery is the most important part of any artist or photographer’s website. The appearance of the picture gallery will be to the customer’s own requirements and virtually any design is possible. At the design stage we will determine what attributes the customer wishes to enter for each picture such as the title and maybe picture size or media and how they are to be displayed to accompany the picture.

It is essential that it is easy for the artist or photographer to add new pictures to their gallery and the GedaWeb Gallery software makes it as simple as is possible to do that. It also allows the artist or photographer to organise their pictures into categories or groups that the viewer of the website can choose from a menu. In the case of a simple artist’s website they may want to group their paintings into categories such as Landscapes, Seascapes, Buildings and Portraits or maybe by media. A photographer’s website may have many more pictures and they may want to have more than one level of category maybe grouping by country then subject. The only thing that needs to be determined at the design stage is how many levels of category are required as this may effect the way menus are laid out, the subsequent choice of categories is up to the artist or photographer and can be changed and pictures re-organised at any time.


Uploading new pictures to the website is made very easy through the website administration. The large images produced by modern digital cameras often result in slow upload times to web sites but the GedaWeb Gallery software makes use of the capabilities of modern browsers to resize images prior to loading up to the website thereby minimising the upload time.